Mediodia de viernes

IMGP8282 This short sequence of film tells the reality of just another midday on just another Friday and just another tango practica in Buenos Aires.

It tells the story of one hour in the lives of me and my teacher Ariel Yanovsky, just two days before he left for Columbia, and two weeks before I left for England. When the film was shot we had been dancing together for almost a year for a couple of hours a week.

He is a professional dancer and teacher. I am not. He is young. I am not. He is Argentine. I am English. We both live in Buenos Aires. We are friends. We are both human beings. 

Catrin Strong is a film maker. She is also our friend. She filmed us and edited the film. I thank her from the bottom of my heart because she has managed to reveal more than I expected of who we are. This time I didn’t want perfection, I wanted reality. I got it.

Here is the link.

Tango Mediodia de viernes: Sally y Ariel


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  1. What a gorgeous surprise! I woke up early on a Saturday morning, just checking email and blogs since it’s too early to do anything else except maybe just go back to sleep, and here is this lovely video–simple and sweet and true.

    To me, this video has captured the heart of tango: what it feels like to dance with someone you enjoy, how bodies work together to create beautiful patterns, and that tango adds such beauty to a full life.

    I would love to share this video with all of my non-tangoing friends and say to them, “Here! This is what I’ve been trying to tell you about. This is tango.”

    Congratulations on this wonderful, personal project.

  2. SALLY! Congratulations! That is so beautiful! I can’t believe I know such a gorgeous chica as yourself. 😉

  3. Not young? Bollocks. Look at you in that beautiful dress, you looks so gorgeous, so iconic, like a 1950s Italian movie star (if Italian movie stars were a size 6) in glowing technicolor. It’s such a beautiful video, and what a perfect commemoration of your great courageous decision and its glorious results.

  4. Sally, the video is beautiful. I was mesmerized by the feet. Thank you so much for response to me in your last entry. You are an inspiration to all of us fortunate enough to read your blog. Have a wonderful week of dancing!

    Besos de Tokyo,


    P.S. I’ll dance a dance for you at my next milonga!

  5. Dear Sally,

    What a wonderful film! I agree with your other commentators – you look gorgeous! Your footwork is mesmerizing and your technique is flawless. Man Yung said he would love to learn Ariel’s steps, his combinations are very elegant and fascinating.

    Since we were watching this, Man Yung and I decided to take a look at all the videos you posted on youtube of your tango journey again.

    We were never able to see the videos of you and Carlos dancing before (our old computer screen was too dark – now we can finally see something more than a whole bunch of dark shadows with our new laptop) – so it was the first time we had watched the videos of you dancing with Carlos at Dandi and Confiteria Ideal.

    Carlos doesn’t have as many fancy combinations as Ariel (as to be expected – he is not a professional dancer!) but you know what, watching the two of you dance really moved me. The two of you may not be doing anything fancy, but it was just something in the way that Carlos listened to the music and listened to you (what incredible musicality, by the way!), the warmth of your mutual embrace, how you were “in the moment” and one with the music and each other, and the way you followed with the whole of your heart that brought tears to my eyes. Is it because of love? Is it because of entrega? The little videos of you dancing with Carlos may seem humble and simple but they are beautiful and speak to me of Buenos Aires and the emotion of tango.

    Thanks so much for sharing your dancing with us! Abrazos,

    Irene and Man Yung

  6. Beautiful Sally!
    Thanks for letting us see you. so beautiful..

  7. Wow!!!! Nice!!!!!! Your feet look so elegant!!! And I must add, I loved your choice of music. I’ve always’ loved D’Arienzo’s “La Bruja”… 🙂 🙂

  8. That was absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing that with us:)

  9. Dear Miss Sallycat… thank you for posting this video.
    You look absolutely gorgeous in that red dress and love those shoes! You’re such an elegant dancer… making it look so effortless. Please give Ariel a hug for us. We will be in BsAs in Nov and hope to be seeing you both then.
    Happy Tangos!

  10. Now that I’ve actually had the fortune to meet Ariel in person, I have so much more fun looking at this and all of your other videos! 🙂 I can see both of your spirits shining through.

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