IMGP9714 There’s no excuse when you are living in Buenos Aires, to stay stuck. Maybe things around you are stuck for a while: my ‘trámites’ for example. But I’m not going to let that stop me making the most of my days. This week has turned out perfectly.

On Wednesday night it was ‘the night of the book’ as I like to think of it. There is a massive book fair on at La Rural right now, and on Wednesday night from 9pm till 2am, entry was free. Carlos and me were both exhausted, and he didn’t get home from work until around 10.30, but at midnight we were on the number 60 bus heading for Plaza Italia. Here you can see how our night with the books turned out.

See photos of our ‘night of the book’ in La Rural

Yesterday I caught up with Anne and Donna who arrived from the UK this week. It was the ‘day of the worker’ and so Carlos wasn’t working (well only for about 5 hours) and apart from a few kioskos everything in the city was closed. Everything that is except for La Ideal. Normally these days, there is no Milonga there on Thursday afternoons, but in celebration of the ‘day of the worker’… celebratory Milonga! We just happened to be standing outside there, in Suipacha, saying our farewells for the day to Anne and Donna, heard the drifting music and could not resist a tango or two. Carlos only had his street shoes but he managed just fine. We danced some perfect vals, some heart thumping milongas as well as some dreamy tangos, and stayed until the end. I can’t remember the last time I was in La Ideal with Carlos. It was fun. And one of my beautifully suited Thursday afternoon gents even came and asked Carlos’ permission to dance with me. Carlos agreed with a genuine smile. I was proud of him. He danced with both Anne and Donna too. It was win win all round.

Today I’m off to my class with Ariel, and then I’ll be dancing a couple of hours early in Humberto 1°, the lovely venue of Niño Bien fame. I’m still looking for a place to dance in the afternoons. 6pm to about 8 is a possibility here on a Friday, before it gets too busy. Anyway, I’m taking my friend Yasmin, also here from England, and we will see how it goes.

Tonight I could see Los Reyes del Tango play at Viruta. They are my old favourites after all. But it will be packed and I would have to get there earlier than my usual Friday night 3.30am. Can I face that? I haven’t decided yet. But it’s an option, and a nice one to have.

So, no excuse to stay stuck.  And I reckon that’s true wherever you are in the world… but, the delicious menu of activities here in Buenos Aires, makes moving on especially easy. I have done absolutely nothing about any of my ‘trámites’ yet. But I will, when I get a minute.


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  1. I looked up tramites, Sal and the two Collins’ definitions are ‘step’ & ‘transactions.’ You do yourself a disservice as I would say that your step along the world as well as your tango steps progress beautifully – in true form to the person you are & have always been. The transactions – well though not plain sailing you have dealt with and secured a new home and life across the world – stuck in the mud/ come unstuck? – neither – pretty cool I say.

  2. Mo, thanks. Yeah I know I’m always moving in the right direction. And yeah, you are right. It is pretty cool. Thanks for reminding me!

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