IMGP8850 We are together again. ‘Mi amor y yo’, en Inglaterra. And I can honestly say that I have never felt happier in my own country as I am now. I’ve always longed to greet a lover at the airport and on Friday this particular dream came true. He flew via Madrid and his plane landed on time. I waited as hundreds of strange faces appeared from around the corner. I waited and waited until at last my small and perfect Argentine was walking towards me. I was under the barrier in a flash and in his arms, my mouth on his, his castellano caressing my ears. Laughing, smiling, kissing: we were ‘juntos, otra vez’.

Carlos adores England: he loves the motorways (so organised with big clear signs); he says England is like the United States, only better (good man!); he adores my apartment, especially the kitchen, which he says is his dream kitchen (he is my chef here, as in Argentina); he has even ventured out alone to Tesco to buy ingredients for cooking and he came back proud and excited by the experience (I am proud of him).

He has only been here two days, but we have danced twice. On Friday we visited Caroline and Eduardo’s Milonga in Bournemouth. There he was delighted that women asked him to dance: he loves it that the pressure is off here, for the man. He is delighted when women approach him, and invite him onto the dance floor. And I am happy too. I love to see him dance with all my friends, because I know that when the end of the night arrives, he is mine. I love to catch his eye as he dances, smile at him, wink, support him. He is seeing how ‘open’ the English are to different dance partners. He is understanding why I have found the Argentine dance culture a trial at times.

Last night we were at Bramshaw, the Milonga that I think of as ‘my tango birthplace’. He met many more of my tango friends, and I was dancing for joy in his arms in this familiar and welcoming space. And towards the end of the night there was a delightful surprise. Steve sat in the middle of the dance floor and took up his bandoneon. He spoke to everyone, and welcomed us. He dedicated the vals, ‘Desde la alma’ to Carlos, who had tears in his eyes to hear his name spoken with such love. To dance to the solo bandoneon accompanied only by the gentle sweeping of our fellow dancers’ shoes on the wooden floor, my eyes closed,  my heart singing silently, was as I imagine heaven to be. I did not want the music to end. I did not want the night to end. But if I had died then, in that moment, I would have died knowing what love is. And that, in this life, full of so much pain, is I think the most beautiful knowledge that a girl can be given.

The weather is pretty ghastly: rain, cold winds, grey skies. But today, nothing in my life is grey. Carlos’ arrival paints colour into every moment. I am rediscovering my country, my friends, my home of old through his excited, generous eyes. And that is a gift indeed. When I left for Argentina this time last year I took with me so many painful memories of England. Truthfully I wanted to escape my life here. Now I know that when I leave in three weeks time, I will be taking a much lighter suitcase. It will be one packed with laughter, smiles, and joy. I will carry a very different England back to Buenos Aires: an England without pain, an England full of love. My dream to live in Argentina will sit on stronger foundations. I will not be running away. I will leave here with great pride in my country. I will appreciate all that I have in my two lands. I think that at last my English heart will be healed and whole. This is my longing, my wish, my dream… and now, at last, I do believe that it is a dream which is destined to come true.


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  1. Hooray for Love.

  2. What a glorious, beautiful post. This was the post I was waiting for most of all!

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful time with us, too. I am so happy for you both.

  3. Oh…that made me cry. I’m so glad that he is finally with you and that you are happy:)

  4. Hey ! Hope you enjoy your days with Carlos in your land 😉 All the best !! Going to BA on Wednesday ! Xxx

  5. This sounds like a lovely reencounter… 🙂

  6. I am glad to read how happier you are now that you are together .

    Have a blast of good time and enjoy!

  7. Sally, I’m so glad that Carlos likes England! Good man, as you say.. It was lovely to see you the other night – if only briefly. Hopefully I will run into you elsewhere before you leave! It would be nice to meet Carlos, having heard so much about him.

    Could you do me a favour – my sister will be in BA for five days ( a brief stop on her world travels!!) and she would like a tango lesson. Do you know if Ariel is about and whether he wouldn’t mind doing a beginner’s lesson for her (and her two friends I thinnk – one male one female)? If not, where should she head for a good beginner’s lesson?

    I’ve already forwarded her your post on what to see and do in BA, so she’s got a good guide already!



  8. Okay, I almost cried. It made me happy to read this – to read it and to feel the joy of the two of you being together again. Have tons of fun!

  9. Felicedades, Sallycat! I’m so happy for you both!

  10. 🙂

  11. The part that brought tears to my eyes was when you said that you and your Argentine also think the “codigos” are sometimes retarded. 🙂 Okay, not those exact words. Anyway, Hurray for love!

  12. I’m so happy you’re together again in England – now get back here! 🙂

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