Argentina v England?

IMGP7988 It was England’s turn to win again yesterday, beating the French in the semi finals of the Rugby World Cup.  If Argentina beat South Africa today, next weekend I will be watching my two homelands battle it out for the great prize. Who will I be supporting? Where does my heart lie?

It’s been a strange week. I’ve enjoyed a sudden influx of people, old friends and new, and it has mixed things up for me. Two weeks ago I was considering what it would be like to welcome visitors from England. Now they are here and I have the answer. They brought England back into my life, into my head and into my heart. Not easy. When I left my country in many ways I cut myself off from it. I had to, to give myself a chance of settling here. My new life was mine and mine alone. Yes of course I have shared parts of it with friends, with my family, and on this blog, but I have had no-one from home witnessing how I live day to day, seeing my ups and my downs. 

On the one hand it has been exciting to welcome people, show them the things I love the most, share my favourite places. On the other, they have had many questions for me. It gets the brain whirring. It drags up things from the past. It could start worries for the future. I have had to keep myself firmly grounded in the moment this week. It is also difficult to know whether to be honest with visitors about how I am doing day to day: should I put on a brave face in my darker moments and make out that my life is always perfect here? I decided no. I am not a tour guide. I don’t have to smile and keep the party going. I need to be honest about where I am on my journey, and so I have been. This week I have had tired days, I have had sad days, I have had happy and exciting days, and I have shared them all! The truth is I am just not a person who can hide how I am feeling. But because I have shared my thoughts, I have had some great feedback and support. And that I guess is the reward for honesty.

To my delight, I’ve also had some new friends walk into my life at the same time: C. from Canada and  H. who lives here, whose tango blogs I love to read; F. from Mendoza and N. from Sweden, both tango dancers. A month ago I was wondering if I would ever hook up with new girlfriends, mine having all gone back to their own countries. And now look at me:  I am surrounded by lovely friendly people.

Last night we all headed out to Italia Unita, the Milonga held at Sabor a Tango. My ‘old friends’ Los Reyes were playing so for me it was a must. Around the table was a delicious mix of England, Argentina and Canada. I was saying goodbye to David and Sara who flew home today, welcoming Melody who arrived a few days ago, and sharing in the latest great tango adventure of my new Canadian friend. It was a happy night for me.

When I reflect a little on my experiences this week I have learned that it is impossible to completely cut off from a past life, and also most importantly, that I do not want to. Whatever the past has included it has made me who I am today and every aspect of it should be celebrated and treasured. I have often thought that it is the fact that I have survived the past that gives me hope for the future. All the experiences I have had, all the mistakes I have made and recovered from, all the lessons I have learned, all of these sit inside me and help me to know that I can handle whatever the future throws my way. I am living my dream yes, but I am not living in some isolated fantasy. Reality means interacting with other people, whether they are from England, or from anywhere else. Reality means handling the consequences of these human interactions. The important thing for me is that I continue to be myself: I must be unafraid to let people see who I am, and that I sometimes walk a rocky path. This is the way to get the support that I need, the continued freedom to be ‘2007 Sally’, and the peace of mind to feel comfortable in my new life – regardless of the country that I am living in.

And if Argentina win the rugby this afternoon and meet England in the final, I will be cheering inside, whatever the result!

See pictures of La Baldosa and Italia Unita (plus English visitors)


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  1. Argentinians, lock up your sons, Melody is in the country! I hope you are both having excellent times together.

  2. Well now that Argentina lost, I support England !!!

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  4. I just realized you’re visiting England on 6 Feb.

    ok I get into Buenos Aires on the 2nd of Feb. I have got to meet you before you go!!


  5. Hey Tina
    I get back to Argentina FROM England on 7th February! So you will still be in town when I fly ‘home’. We will meet. I will make it so…
    I have GOT to meet you too!!! SC

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