The kings play in the spring…


Spring has officially arrived in Buenos Aires! Yesterday was 21st September and while the UK was welcoming in the autumn, we were celebrating the day of the spring. To my delight this meant receiving flowers from ‘el porteño’, a celebratory impromptu family get together and a great night out at ‘La Baldosa’ in Flores (a fitting name for a barrio in ‘la primavera’). How lovely it is to have a day that officially greets the arrival of flowers, warmer days and longer nights. The Argentines know how to do life.

It was a perfect tango experience for me because my favourite orchestra, ‘Los Reyes del Tango’ were playing. Why do I love these boys so much? Their four bandoneons conjure a fierce rhythm. Their violinists play melodies that tug at my heart. Their funky style kicks my soul into fresh life. When they strike up I just long to dance. As they played I felt that me and my Argentine became one perfect tango entity: was there anyone else on the dance floor? When eventually, the final notes of the orchestra died and we dragged our bodies back to being separate people, I think I might have staggered slightly. It was as if we were two magnets of incredible force being wrenched apart. He said to me, ‘Sentis la energia?’ and I could not speak. I had no energy left for words.

Perhaps you would like to hear what we heard last night, and see what we saw? I did not take videos myself but I have found these on You Tube. The first is of ‘Los Reyes’ playing their opening number, ‘Loca’, at ‘Mina Milonga’ in Canning a while ago. They are introduced here by Damian Boggio. The second video is of Noelia Hurtado and Pablo Rodriguez dancing at ‘La Baldosa’ on a previous occasion, and as last night, they are dancing to ‘Los Reyes’. So it’s not exactly what I heard and saw last night but it’s pretty damn close.

See ‘Los Reyes del Tango’ perform live in Salon Canning

See Pablo and Noelia dance to Los Reyes at ‘La Baldosa’

Now I for one, am very relieved to know officially that spring has turned up in Argentina. The last two weeks have been a delight of rain, cloud and chilly temperatures. I have a word of warning for any of you thinking of jumping countries to start a new life. Time it so that you repeat the right seasons. I did not. I enjoyed winter in the UK, then autumn and winter here and I will be lucky enough to enjoy the British winter all over again when I head back to my native land to see my family in December. Really, I did get this part of my plans a little wrong. But, today as I sipped a coffee in a sun drenched ‘Las Cañitas’ street, all that seemed a very long way away. Two months of gorgeous weather coming up – pleeeeeeease…


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  1. Los reyes del tango playing live are amazing… they version of “huracán” is one of the best tangos ever.
    Happy spring to you!

  2. And happy spring to you too Tanguillo!
    The sun is shining and I’m dancing to Los Reyes in my heart, even when I’m standing in ‘el colectivo’ or walking in ‘la calle’. The power of great music!

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