The 8 week tango

Today was video day. A scary day because people will see how I dance and I will see how I dance.

In the picture Ariel is con las chicas lindas:  yo, Gabriella y Binky. We created our own little paparazzi pack in Ariel’s apartment: Gabriella recorded my video, I recorded hers and Binky just happened to be walking to work in the street outside, when Ariel spotted her. How weird it that? We girls met at the hostel where all three of our adventures began in Buenos Aires, so it was extra special to be together today for our 8 week tangos.

Last night I danced from 9pm at La Glorieta. It felt very ‘Buenos Aires’ to be out in the cold night, dancing in our coats under the roof of the ‘bandstand’, as I call it. It was there that I met Carlos around two months ago and last night as we danced, we laughed at the funny little conversation we had back then. ‘De donde sos?’ ‘Inglaterra, soy Inglesa.’ ‘Queres bailar?’ ‘Si’ which was about as far as my castellano could stretch! I have probably danced more hours with Carlos now than I have with any other man. These days we laugh alot, hug alot, talk about our lives, our thoughts, our love of tango. Quite how he manages to understand me, I have no idea because I usually speak in the present tense when the vocabulary gets tricky. Last night I asked him what my most used phrase in castellano is. His answer, ‘Necesito…’ ‘I need…’! My family will probably laugh to read that. They know what a kid I can be when I’m hungry, tired, cold, desperate for chocolate. I know he finds me ‘muy graciosa’ (very amusing). But then his attempts at English are pretty hilarious too. But we are great mates and help each other. And most importantly, we LOVE dancing together. After La Glorieta and a dinner that took about an hour to find – Sunday night is early closing in Buenos Aires – we danced at La Viruta until 4am.

Thus, it was a long night and getting up to dance my 8 week tango was tough: ‘muy cansada’ doesn’t begin to describe it and I’m still recovering from the bug which has knocked me out for weeks on and off. I am getting my excuses in early you will realise! Ariel was in playful mood, dressing in his cool new shoes and even putting a jacket on. He did appear in the craziest glasses and hat combination that I have ever seen, but Gabriella and I suggested that he may prefer the world not to see him in those. After a photo call, and a review of said photos, he took them off…

I chose to dance to ‘De puro guapo’ by Pedro Laurenz which is one of my favourites. Ariel and I dance to it quite often although no choreography, only improvisation. Seeing myself dance on video is difficult these days. I am very critical of myself. I am posting the video because I promised I would, but it’s hard for me to do it. There are mistakes and some problems with the embrace. I can see much I want to improve – including my choice of clothes. Next time I am keeping my cardigan on!

I have to remember on days like this that I only started dancing tango in October 2006 and I have only been taking lessons here for two months. So, not even eight months dancing yet, but believe me, the hours I put in it could be several years… I hope you like the music, seeing Ariel’s skill and watching me dance.

I can’t get the video to upload to Picasa so it’s on You Tube. When I watch it I have to let the whole thing play once before I can watch it through smoothly. Maybe it’s my Argentine broadband connection but that’s my tip. Just leave it to run through, then watch it from the beginning.

Watch me dance a tango with Ariel after 8 weeks of classes


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  1. Well now, that was interesting. As a result of hitting YouTube, I watched a little video of the other Sally and Shaun dancing at a charity event. Shaun’s bottom makes an excellent projection screen…

    Then I watched another Sally dancing in a theatre in a clip shamelessly lifted from The Tango Lesson. I have to say, I enjoyed watching your clip more. While I think Ariel has some scope to grow in his interpretation of the music(! I poke fun), your dance had much more soul to it, fluidity and all those good things that are rather hard to pin down with words. Give me musical exposition over stage tango any day. The mistakes are almost invisible to the casual eye. Move over Potter-woman, there’s another Sally doing Argentina properly.

  2. Forget the talk of cardigans! You look fantastic and dance beautifully! I can see the improvement! Keep flying beautiful butterfly! x

  3. I echo my sister’s thoughts. I know nothing about tango but I can see the grace, the soul, the beauty, with or without cardigans and in whatever space and place. Proud of you for living and dancing the dream – look forward to the 12 weeks performance. x

  4. Another fantastic video! You’ve got a gorgeous line in the pose at the end. And it’s stuff and nonsense about the cardigan!

  5. On video…to the unsuspecting viewer, it looked perfect to me. No bobbling, missteps from what I could see…then again, I’d have to watch at least 100 times before I start noticing little things.

    However, as far as I’m concerned, you were fantastic! And I picked up several new moves to add to my reportoire, especially that leader back secada in close embrace…and the follower leg wrap to leader’s front cross to down & hold.

    Cardigan? No, no cardigan. Keep cardigan OFF. You look quite “delicious” Sally. I say more “skin” next time *teasing grin *

    I really loved the video and the music was catchy, too. Thanks for the share. And thanks for putting it on YouTube. Now I finally copied it to my Ipod for lots of repeated viewings and to work on the steps at my leisure.

    Smiles and hugs, “Sly” 🙂

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