Buenos Aires, the latest shoes…

Yesterday I forced myself from the sofa for the first time this week and Gabriella and I grabbed a cab for 1239 Arenales, Comme il Faut. It must be a month since I bought tango shoes for myself and what better way to kickstart recovery from illness than with new zapatos!

I wanted pink with leopard skin – crazy I know. My oldest pair (2 months) are patent black. I dance in these most of the time. My other pair (1 month) are striped ruched fabric in subtle shades of pinks and greens, trimmed with black and are great with jeans. This time I wanted something mad and flashy. The woman in charge at Comme said to me, ‘You shop like an Argentine.’ The reason being that given 10 pairs to choose from, I see the pair I will buy immediately. I don’t even bother to try the others on. I know what I want and I snap it up fast! In this case it was gold and leopard skin – love at first sight. Gabriella, on the other hand… well at least shopping there with her means I get to lie back on the velvet chaise longues for a while!

On the subject of shoes, I have further news of the latest shoe company to hit the Buenos Aires dance floors. It is owned by my friend Chacho from Club Gricel and is called 2×4 al pie.

2×4 al pie shoes have the unique sole system which can be switched between leather, suede and rubber according to the dance surface or whether the shoes are to be worn in the street. The men’s dance shoes are on sale now. Ariel has a sexy black and white pair. The women’s practice shoes (pictured in silver and black above) will be available in six colour schemes and I am waiting to see them all.  They have the unique ‘foot cooling’ system of holes cut into the upper to allow the breeze to flow through the shoe. They are gorgeous. I have seen and danced in a pair of gold leather with leopardskin trim. I will be dancing in my own pair as soon as I have chosen my colours and the artesans have created them in my size. For now, enjoy the photos and I will post more information as I have it.

See more pictures of 2×4 al pie shoes

Of course, having bought a new pair of Commes yesterday I had to dance in them. Last night we reserved a table at La Ideal for a special fiesta with three live orchestras and perhaps a few too many show dances… I went just to see one of my favourite orchestras, ‘Los Reyes del Tango’. These boys really are the ‘Kings’. They had four bandoneon players last night. Dancing to them really is better than sex, especially if it is with Carlos, or Julio or another man whose tango heart connects with mine. It’s great to get a few people together, reserve a table, dance with each other, raise our eyebrows at the show tango that sometimes leaves us cold. Last night much of it left me distinctly chilly. Why? Two words. No connection.

Afterwards, we obsessive tango addicts jumped in a cab to make the last hour at La Viruta. Got home at 5, my little heart beating with joy. What a life!

See pictures of us at the La Ideal fiesta


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  1. I will definitely check into purchasing perhaps a pair or two of your friend’s shoes when I arrive. 🙂

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