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Me at La Ideal One thing I love here is that I can dance every afternoon if I want to. After my classes with Ariel I can head straight to La Ideal. Between 12 and 3 some days there are practicas. Teachers are there if you want them but if not you can just dance and practice in LOADS of space on the tiled floor and between the grand columns of this famous Buenos Aires venue. At 3, the afternoon Milonga begins and gradually more people start arriving. This Milonga continues until 8pm. Often another class continues by the bar but there is no obligation to join it. The afternoon costs $15 pesos (Β£2.50). 

I had a pair of Fabio practice shoes made to save my feet during these practice sessions. I realise now it is just not a good idea to dance up to 8 hours a day in stilettos. I am past caring what I look like. My feet are my most precious body parts these days and I have to protect them! I always dance my classes with Ariel in my Commes because he is tall and I want to do all my balance exercises in the axis I will eventually dance in. But for some other classes, practicas and the last hour of some night time Milongas, practice shoes are essential.

On this subject, I have another pair of practice shoes on order and I can’t wait to show you pictures. Chacho, who I know from Gricel is starting a new business manufacturing and selling beautiful shoes for men, and practice shoes for women. His company is called 2x4alpie and there will be a website, currently under construction. His shoes will be unique in that the central section of the sole can be removed and replaced. The shoes are supplied with three possible sole sections: rubber, suede and leather. This means that the shoes can be worn on every surface including, if desired, in the street. The men’s shoes are sexy and I think, some of the classiest looking shoes I have seen here. The women’s practice shoes also have the same unique interchangeable sole system but it is their looks which stun. I have chosen a gorgeous soft gold leather with a leopard stripe. But there is more… The women’s shoes have stylish holes cut into the upper which means that when dancing, the breeze cools the feet and allows them to breathe. I danced in the prototype pair for myself and fell in love with them. I believe that the shoes will also be made in silver and in pink! I am very excited about these shoes and the fact that I will be one of the first women to dance in them. Chacho is a fun guy, a salsa teacher and the boyfriend of Maya, who teaches the class with Ariel at Gricel. Maya sometimes dances in these shoes, and they look amazing – the most feminine practice shoes on the planet for sure.

Anyway, I digress! I want to show you a fun video of me and someone I just met the day before at the Chacarera class, dancing at La Ideal one afternoon last week. I am looking very scruffy in my combat trousers, hair in pigtails, practice shoes on my feet. Notice that he is dancing in ordinary sneakers. It was so hot that day and I was exhausted. But I loved dancing with this guy. He has been dancing for 20 years – can he be that old? We had a fun time and he led me a few things that I have never done before – the drag across the room for example! Anyway guys, enjoy. (Oh and be patient with the beginning – someone was taking a photo!)

Watch video of me dancing for fun at La Ideal


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  1. Sally,

    You are doing some wicked moves there Sally! That looks like so much fun….



  2. I love the what I call the “elevator move”. You followed it beautifully. I would like to lead you that one, Sal.

    I think I can take you about 1 ft off the ground if you have a strong core. *chuckle* I love doing the drag…it’s always a surprise to the follower, but I only do it if I know she’s familiar with volcadas during a dance. πŸ™‚

    That’s where I did my first afternoon milonga at La Ideal. We got to dance with the teachers one dance when I went. All the teachers danced with the students which was such a cool surprise.

    GREAT VIDEO! I’m definitely already picking up new moves from this video, too. πŸ™‚

    Cheers, Sly πŸ˜€

  3. Sally, are these 2Γ—4alpie now available?

  4. Hey, sorry for the delay, but yes the shoes are available.
    Here’s the link:

    Enjoy! SC

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