A day in the BA life…

Last night I was at Salon Canning until 5am and I admit that today in the BA life has been spent sleeping. I got up at 5.45 this afternoon! Once every week this happens – usually at the weekend. I need the occasional recovery day. I looked back through my diary of attended Milongas and yes, I have been out every night, since Friday 23rd March, until the early hours… 

I am going out tonight at around midnight to see the tango orchestra ‘Color Tango’ play at Salon Canning. Peter from Southampton/Portsmouth/Winchester tango is here this week which is great so we are meeting at the Milonga. It’s strange, but fantastic to welcome someone from home to my new world. It felt very odd to dance together last night here in Buenos Aires!

On days when I don’t sleep in, life here is action packed. I get up around ten, do my Spanish homework and chat on the internet over breakfast. By twelve I’m on the bus heading to Ariel’s apartment for my private tango lesson. A quick cortado at the cafe on the corner wakes me up! In my lessons this week we’re working on different styles of walking in tango – breaking some of the rules – and on milonga steps and rhythms. I am beginning to dance milonga with alot more confidence. It has been the case lately that whenever I arrive at a Milonga, the first tanda I am asked to dance is milonga!  Ariel has now told me that it is extremely impolite to refuse a dance and even worse to leave the floor before the end of the tanda – apparently this will never be forgotten by a Porteño… So I am dancing more milonga these days!

If I have a Spanish lesson it is in the afternoon for two hours, but if not I do a bit of sightseeing or window shopping. This week I headed to Abasto to check out the statue of Carlos Gardel. A few tango stores are located here and I took pictures of the shoes along with the men’s price list. These are not the finest men’s shoes I have seen but at least you can get an idea of what is available for what price. While I was there I endured lunch in the horrendous Abasto Shopping Mall. This place was throbbing with people. There are fairground rides all around the edge. It’s like West Quay in Southampton but on acid. I couldn’t wait to escape.

I sleep from around seven until ten when I go out to eat. My favourites are steak or fish. I have not yet had a bad food experience. All options are available: the restaurants are fantastic in Palermo, the meal we ate at the tango show we went to was delicious, the takeaway we had at Ariel’s was great comfort food. A good two course meal in a restaurant with wine, or agua con gas in my case, costs about £5.

Then it’s on to a Milonga and possibly two. The one we choose depends on the night of the week, whether there is live music that night, where people we know are going, and what has been recommended. I am compiling a list of all the Milongas I have been to as a guide for any of you who head out this way in the future. An intimate knowledge of the Milonga options would be a great starting point if you are only going to be out here a couple of weeks. I hope that my experiences can help some of you to get the best out of your next holiday in Buenos Aires.

Surely you are not still saying ‘What holiday in Buenos Aires?’ Hey guys, I must have convinced some of you by now…  

See pictures of a day in my life in Buenos Aires

Visit the website of ‘Color Tango’


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  1. Wow Sal, you’re obviously having a ball – I wonder if you’ll ever come back! Life seems so dull here after reading everything you’re packing into yours. Looking forward to your next installment – it’s so exciting!

  2. Well you are certainly packing it in Sal – I’m feeling exhausted just reading your journal!
    Not a marathon of new experiences here but with the hour change we are experiencing bright Spring days and the forsythia and daffodils certainly seem to be the best ever.
    I look forward to your next entry and of course send you lots of love.
    Adios amiga!

  3. Well, I certainly can’t wait until I meet you, Sally. It would be an honor to hang out with you and dance a tanda or two. I’m sure by the time we meet, you’ll be even more super-awesome than you are right now.

    So be patient with me. It always take us leaders more time to learn how to lead than for followers to follow. 🙂

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