Milonga for ALOT longer

Why did I ever have any doubts? I’ve been here three nights and I am completely hooked! All I can say to you tango addicts out there who have not yet visited this amazing city is, ‘GET OVER HERE!’

The big news is that I am no longer a BA tango virgin. Last night at a swanky tango venue called Sabor a Tango I received the ‘nod’ from an Argentine for the first time! It is an unmistakable ritual: direct eye contact and a nod from him, a nod from you, a confirmation nod from him and the deal is struck. There is no going back, he will dance the next tanda with you. The thrill of this is indescribable. You have been chosen by a total stranger. He is Argentine. Better than sex I reckon…

The Milonga was crowded. Thank you Eduardo for teaching me the ocho cortado. It was led over and over again. Thank you Jenny and Ricardo for teaching me to take ‘ant steps’. There was no space for anything else. Thank you Pastor for teaching me to keep my chest connected. I was able to follow the leads of complete strangers. One man told me I would be a good dancer but I must relax my upper body, one kindly suggested I could relax my right wrist… no new news there then! Everybody I danced with was friendly, spoke Spanish to me on the whole – though a Korean and a Dutchman spoke good English. I did not fall over, even though I was trying out my new black patent Comme il Faut stilettos, and the only time I messed up was when dancing milonga but even then my partner asked me to dance tango later so I can’t have been too terrible. Well, either that or he fancied me. It is not easy to tell.

I cannot believe the choice of Milongas here. On Saturday nights there are twenty two operating from around 10pm and ending between 4 and 6am. Last night we left about 5am and headed on for a breakfast of coffee and croissant with a lovely Argentine and his Swedish friend. I finally crawled into bed as the sun was rising. Wicked!

Mornings, as a result of the late nights, don’t exist for me. But weekend afternoons are for the markets (or another Milonga if you haven’t had enough). Today we headed to San Telmo to browse crafts and antiques in the hot sun. A highlight there is the profusion of live tango bands that play in the streets. One that I especially loved, Fervor de Buenos Aires, will be coming to the Crypt in London next year, though I’m going to see them perform here on 21st March.

You may have noticed that the pronoun ‘we’ has crept into my writing. On day two here I met my new tango partner in crime – the totally gorgeous Gabriella from Seattle. She is here for six months to study tango and we have joined forces in our mission to conquer the BA tango scene. This is a fantastic lucky break for me. Gabriella is a ‘kick ass’ girl. She makes me laugh, speaks fluent Spanish, loves shopping and is a tango addict.

We have already hit the tango shoe shops, the antique clothes stores, the restaurants, the markets. Tonight we plan to draw up a schedule of group tango classes and this will include classes at Claudia Bozzo’s La Escuela del Tango. And of course we will be trying out a different Milonga every night. So, the first week of my new life begins. Is it the ‘kick ass’ life? You decide…

See pictures of my first days in BA

Visit the website of Fervour de Buenos Aires


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  1. Hi Sal

    thought I should check up on how things are going for you and it seems like you are finding your feet (pun intended!) in these first few days.

    Have a fabulous time and we are thinking of you back here in Hampshire. I am sorry i did not get to speak to you in the last few days before you left but hectic with work commitments. Oh for the freedom of your life!

    Take care doll and keep us posted.


  2. Well, my hometown is Seattle. Well, former hometown. I moved to San Francisco 4 years ago, but I still visit my family and friends in Seattle.

    I will be attending the Seattle Tango Festival for the first time at the end of this month. So, on March 12, 2007, how long have you been tango-ing.

    So jealous that you’re there taking all those “cool” classes. I can’t wait to return.

    Smiles, Sly 🙂

  3. Oh goodness…I had to read one more entry, but it appears I’m caught up. I found my very first entry to you. How cool.

    Anywhoo, I guess I should update my Facebook and “hope” you make a new entry soon. Take care of you and I hope all is well, Sally.

    Love and hugs, “Sly” 🙂

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