Hello BA

Now I really have done it. I am here! After dropping off some passengers in Brazil my plane finally touched down this morning at 9.45 local time , which is three hours behind the UK. I was greeted by efficient immigration procedures, the smiling Travellers Worldwide driver and torrential rain. It has absolutely chucked it down. Someone is trying to make sure I don’t miss England too much!

The truth is I have missed England a little today. The goodbyes were hard. The journey was tiring. Everything is strange. I am here alone. But after some initial problems, I got my technology working. I am in contact with the people I love. Tonight I feel calm and positive.

It has been quite a day. I’ve made Argentines laugh with my enthusiastic but terrible Spanish. I’ve had a helpful local climbing all over an internet cafe trying to find a working headset for my Skype call to my dream dance partner of Hampshire. I’ve been bashed on the forehead by a glass door which was being opened for me by a rather too strong security guard at a mobile phone shop. This final incident resulted in a very worried sales assistant holding up various combinations of fingers and bringing me glasses of water! I have a big bump on my head and a bad headache but thankfully the injury won’t stop me dancing – if he had broken my toe I would not have been laughing…

I am settled in to my home for the next four weeks, a friendly hostel in Palermo, just two short blocks from the subway line D which will take me straight into the centre of town. I’ve met my local contacts Adriana and Melina who have given me my timetable of organised classes. I will be taking a Spanish level test (!) tomorrow with my Spanish teacher, to help us plan the content of my lessons. I will meet my tango teacher on Monday for my first private lesson.

Now you know of course that I am a complete tango addict and normally dance five or six nights a week. I will not be able to wait until Monday. I am desperate to head to a Milonga, first consulting my ‘least scary Milongas list’ which has been kindly provided by my tango mates who have been here before me. But will I really have the courage to walk in alone? Will anyone dance with me? Will I remember anything I’ve learned over the last five months? These are the questions on my mind tonight as I start the next phase of my tango journey.

Meanwhile in my spare hours this weekend I plan to visit a tango shoe store or two, maybe a market, take some walks, do some sight seeing. Apparently it’s going to be sunny and warm over the next couple of days which is fantastic, because I’ve got a ‘kick ass’ city to explore. That is, after I’ve had at least twelve hours sleep…


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  1. Sally!!!!! You made it! I forgot, men open doors for you in B.A!
    Ring Loly or Lorena, both speak English – like hell are you waiting until monday to go and dance, try a sunday afternoon first, much more relaxed and friendly – La Ideal starts ( I think ) at 3pm…
    Miss you loads already, more than ever determined to save the pesos and get out there.
    Take good care, lots of love and hugs from me and Donna xxx

  2. The eagle has landed! Get in there and show up some Argy ladies!

    …meanwhile, off to Egypt!

  3. Hi Sally,

    All I’ve done today is clean the bathroom and go to Sainsburys! Doesn’t really compare to your epic journey half way round the world…;-)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your first classes. I hope it’s not too hard for you to keep the blog up as I am loving it already!



  4. Hi, Sally. My name is Sly. I found you on Facebook and read your comment on one of the Tango Groups I visit.

    I have only been doing tango 22.5 months and loving every moment of it. Reading your tango travels will make it easier to return to BsAs next year for CITA 2008. It’s been an entire year since I made my first visit there. Only had been tango-ing for 6 months when I first arrived in BsAs.

    Anywhoo, I’m very excited to begin reading your adventures. I loved your YouTube video of your feet. You seem to be picking up your own style.

    After reading that blog, I’ve decided to begin here…Day 1.

    Smiles, Sly πŸ™‚

  5. Now that you’ve made it safe and sound to BsAs, I will go to sleep early tonight (1:30AM) since I have to work this weekend…then get in for some more practice time by myself…then, if I feel like it, maybe head out for a milonga.

    Take care of you, Dearie. Hugs and smiles, your friend “Sly” πŸ™‚

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