Goodbye UK

Picture of Sallycat & Shaun on the Itchen Bridge My bags are almost packed, I am saying my goodbyes and it’s tougher than I thought. These final few days before I fly to BA are full of lasts… the last family lunch, the last UK Milonga, the last UK tango. I handed my car over to my mum yesterday. I hand over the keys of my apartment to a friend on Wednesday. Later that evening it will be the last hug, the last kiss… and I will be on the other side of passport control at Heathrow.

Maybe a girl who lives the ‘kick ass’ life should not shed so many tears. After all I’m off on a huge adventure and I am excited. But the truth is that I love my life here and it hurts to leave the people I love behind. It HURTS!

Luckily for me in the 21st Century there is technology: Broadband, Skype, Instant Messenger and video calling. I will be using it all. My webcam is going to be my best English friend in Argentina. It’s certainly been fun trying it out…  I’m taking all my mates with me too, printed on 5×7″ glossy photo paper, to give me support in any lonely moments and to celebrate with me in the ‘kick ass’ ones.

I can’t believe the thoughtful tokens that I have been given for my travels: Mayan Indian friendship bracelets, a rose quartz necklace to attract love, a piece of onyx for healthy feet, a Chinese coin to symbolise wealth, a beautiful pendant crystal lion’s head set in gold – for protection. Then there is the gorgeous purple and gold glass necklace that I associate with spirituality and inner strength. My friends have gifted me symbols of all the resources that I know I possess – in case I need reminding. I am lucky to have such friends…

Somehow since I first decided to make this trip back in November, months have become weeks have become days have become hours. This time next week I will have been in Argentina for four days! If I don’t see you before I leave, kick ass in the English spring. If I do see you, give me a big hug – I will need it. But if I don’t dance with you, I am sorry – I’ll be making the most of my dream dance partner of Hampshire while I still can!


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  1. No tokens to hold from us but just our love and thoughts for a brave and much-loved sister and a truly mad aunt who takes a bit of us all with you as you dance away across the world. Have fun and keep practicing your hangman skills! xx

  2. Now that is something cool I did not know about: purple and gold signify spirituality and inner strength. One of my two favorite color combinations—they are my alma mater’s colors. I bleed “purple & gold”. How cool is that?!?! *grin*

    The other is red and black. Can you tell me what that signifies, Sally-Sweetie? *warm smile*

    Cheers, Sly 😀

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