Meeting the family

Picture of Jane and her tango teacher Yesterday I introduced my family to the love of my life. I insisted that my sister Jane wear a little black dress for the occasion. My brother-in-law Simon was more fortunate, he got away with the outfit he had arrived in. We drove across Southampton – me excited, them slightly apprehensive.  At that point of course they had not experienced first hand the powerful lure of tango.

Tango Creo is a friendly tango club in a great venue with a perfect dance floor, fab flashing lights, complimentary drinks and yummy chocolates. It happens every two weeks on a Thursday evening at Pilands Wood Centre in Bursledon. I love it because there is room to dance spacious tango, time to practice with my dream dance partner of Hampshire, and last night space to show off to my family!

The tango community wraps its arms around new people. Shaun and I taught Jane and Simon the basics of walking and stopping. They danced with us, they danced with our friends, they danced with each other. They giggled. They laughed. So did we.

By 11 o’clock these precious members of my family understood how it is that I have fallen in love. They saw how tango transforms me. They understand why I have given up a new career and bought a ticket to Buenos Aires. This is a relief. Jane and Simon are the advance party. On Monday night I will be taking my parents to Bar So in Bournemouth to introduce them to the dance that has stolen my soul. If you are there I know you will welcome them, and if not – wish me luck…

See pictures of us at Tango Creo


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  1. Awwwww….that is very touching to be able to share that with your family. I’m sure they enjoyed it immensely. 🙂

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