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Picture of Buenos Aires My decision to make the pilgrimage to Buenos Aires was made late one night in December. Unable to sleep after a TLC  lesson and Milonga, I was high on tango adrenalin. Reinventing myself as Queen Cleopatra  and playing Sid Meyer’s Civilisation IV was one option, but instead I decided to investigate tango in Argentina with the help of Google.

Thing is when you’re new in the tango world and a lone female traveller how do you go about organising a tango adventure on the other side of the world? Basically I had three options:

  1. Go with the flow: book a flight and sort the rest out on arrival. Cheap but nervewracking.
  2. Ignore the flow: book everything in advance. Expensive and miss out on unforseen opportunities.
  3. Plan, but be flexible: book the flight, sort out something for the first month, then go with the flow. The best of both worlds.

Travellers Worldwide came to my rescue. This is a company who offer a vast range of teaching, conservation, and other project placements in countries all over the world. They offer people the chance to live and work in different cultures and to make a difference in less advantaged countries. They also happen to offer tango placements in Buenos Aires.

My contact is a lovely guy called Will, based in BA. He is arranging for me to take six hours of private Spanish lessons, three private tango lessons and one group tango lesson per week for the first four weeks. All the tango lessons are an hour and a half long. My accommodation is arranged in a single room – I’m past sharing with strangers – in a hostel in Palermo Viejo (Old Palermo) for this period. My teacher will attend the Milonga at ‘La Catedra’ on Tuesday nights. I can of course take as many other tango lessons and attend as many other Milongas as I can fit in around these lessons. The choice is mine. My plan is to use the first month to meet people, get to know the Milongas, the teachers, the available classes, the city and then take it from there.

Since I booked this I have made MANY tango friends in the UK. I have met two gorgeous ‘tangoholic’ sisters from Exeter who spent three months in BA last year. They tell me apartments are cheap to rent. They have promised me details of all the best Milongas, tango shoe shops, tango clothes shops, cafes, restaurants, markets and some great contacts in the BA tango community. I have seen their photos and the smiles on the faces of their Argentine friends. I know I will not be lonely.

As for tango lessons, I’ve already got my eye on a series of classes being run in May by Gustavo Naveira (The Tango Lesson) and Giselle Anne. I will need a partner, but I’ve got two months to sort that out… there’s GOT to be my dream dance partner of Buenos Aires out there waiting for me… question is, will he surpass my dream dance partner of Hampshire?

Find out about classes run by Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

Watch Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne dance tango

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  1. Ah, what a question! You cheeky so and so! x

  2. Please teach me how to describe things as this. Pleeeeease!

  3. So…Sally, did you ever take those classes with Gustavo and Giselle Anne. I hope you did. They are two fantastic people. AWESOME TEACHERS! I love those guys! I’m still working on the tips Gustavo gave me to work on. Tonight’s practice, I think I finally got the lead for the back secadas…well, by myself…time now to practice with a follower and complete connecting the dots. 🙂

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