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  1. Well done Lady, we will be awaiting each instalment with great excitment!!! Send you much love and very best wishes – KICK ASS Sal xx

  2. Sal,

    You totally fab woman! Go for it, have the best fun in the world, and I can’t wait to see how your adventure goes. Tony and I will be thinking of you, and we’ll miss you, but here’s hoping you have the best time ever, and we shall be hanging on your every word as your journey progresses.

    All the luck in the world, and I hope you meet someone gorgeous who deserves the great good fortune of finding someone like you.


  3. Well, speaking as the ex-husband I’d like to say how delighted and impressed I am by all that Sally has achieved since we parted. I should not be surprised, she’s an exceptional woman. Good luck and happy travels, I shall be thinking of you.

  4. So Mike just sent me the link to here. Good on you ! Sounds like it will be a great adventure and I will enjoy reading what happens. Have a great time.

  5. Sally- Mike passed your website details on to Paul and I – we will be avid readers of your adventures… have a great time !!!!

  6. “Life is not a rehearsal” is my life’s tenet and it is wonderful to see the same enthusiasm for life in someone else. Go for it chica! BsAs is a city of dreams – especially for a tango dancer. I envy your twelve month stay and look forward to living it through your future postings.
    In my experience, tango life life will provide a rollercoaster ride of emotions so go believing that the darkest trough preceeds a bright star of enlightenment on your tango journey.
    Steve x

  7. Ok. I found the beginning. It’s almost 3AM, Thursday morning, and I just finished writing an email to Gabriela. She shared her 16-week video, too. It’s just as AWESOME as yours. I have bookmarked this page and will begin tomorrow reading one entry per day or more depending on how much time I have in between tango-ing around.

    Love you, Sally-Sweetie. “Sly” 🙂

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